Witcher 3: 10 hidden details found by Redditors


CD Projekt Red recently confirmed this The witcher 4 is in development, fans of the series are incredibly excited for the next iteration of the franchise. Given the success of the TV show The Witcherthere are also many new fans who stumble upon the games.

Now that so many people are discovering the series, many are rediscovering some of the many secrets it hides The witcher 3. So what are some of the surprising details, tricks, and Easter eggs that fans have found on Reddit?

A living ecosystem

Bombs help with the Earth Elementals of Witcher 3.

Many fans admire The witcher 3 for its amazing graphics and realistic environment, but many are unaware of how realistic it can be. “They made an ecosystem out of wildlife,” says Reddit user iLikeMelons2. “If you kill the wolves in an area, the deer numbers go up because there are no predators. If you kill the deer, the wolves will leave the area because there is no prey.”


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It’s this admirable attention to detail that shows how much love and care the developers put into the game. Although most fans will never notice it, realism like this adds an unconscious element to the game that makes it feel more immersive, and really, isn’t that what fans want in a game?

A scene from Game of Thrones

The celestial cell from The Witcher 3

One of the most entertaining parts of any game is stumbling upon a clear and obvious nod to another popular medium. While it’s usually a one-off reference or name in a book, The witcher 3 takes it a step further and fans love it.

“Dead Tyrion in the Celestial Cell is a classic,” says Reddit user TheSmegalodon1. That’s right – although it’s something many players will never discover witcher, Tyrion Lannister died in a sky cell and Geralt can examine his remains. It’s a fun gesture that fans really love.

Your choices matter

How to play a bomb craft in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

While there are many games that promise that decision-making is essential, many of them don’t fully deliver. The witcher 3 is not one of them. “Your decisions are actually important in this game. Many fates depend on your actions. This is my favorite mechanic,” says Ineedscissors1981 on Reddit.

This sense of importance in every decision is something that many players love about the game. In fact, one of the things fans want the most The witcher 4 is a flexible plot that decreases the decision trees The witcher 3 one step further. It’s going to be incredible if CD Projekt Red pulls it off, and one of the things that’s going to really set the franchise apart.

True photosynthesis

Witcher 3 battle forest

If a fully functioning ecosystem isn’t enough, plants that mimic real foliage are just another step the developers have taken to make the game even more realistic. “There are more flowers in sunny parts of the village,” says Redditor Qshad0w97. “[The] The shadow of the house reduces the density of the flowers.”

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This is an absolutely mind-blowing level of detail. After all, what other game puts so much emphasis on ensuring the realism of its world? When plants can mimic photosynthesis The witcher 3it is impossible to imagine how complicated worldbuilding the world has The witcher 4 will have.

Geralt extinguishes his fire

Witcher 3 mod spell elemental fire

There’s an old joke about medieval protagonists who are murder hobos, traveling the world and leaving havoc in their midst, with no regard for the environment around them. The witcher 3 sometimes takes this path, but mostly works on using small gestures to show Geralt’s care for the world around him.

“When Geralt meditates outdoors, he makes campfires and when the meditation is over, he covers them with dirt,” says Reddit user oldnest. It’s a great gesture, and one that shows Geralt isn’t someone to let the world burn unnecessarily. Wherever he goes, he tries to clean up his mess as best he can. It’s a small detail that really helps the player bond with Geralt, even if it’s something only die-hard fans know about The witcher 3.

Realistic NPCs

A screenshot from the Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine.

It’s not too challenging for players trying to invest in the world around them. Even though Geralt is such a fully realized character, the world around him is perfectly active as well. While in most games NPCs go through an action or two, The witcher 3 takes a completely different approach.

“I quickly traveled to Fox Hollow in Toussaint and, just by counting, I could see NPCs performing at least 10-15 different actions or animations,” says Reddit user shadowdash66. “These are only in ONE city, assuming you can see most of them in other cities, but it really goes a long way in making the environment feel alive and the NPCs feel more real.” The best games, like witcher 3, All pay great attention to enhancing the immersion in the world by feeding the AI ​​around realistic behaviors and this game does it perfectly.

Schrödinger’s witcher

Wearing Viper Armor for an Assassin build in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Another fun Easter egg, the game has a long and somewhat lengthy reference hidden in one of its many great missions The witcher 3. While most people would expect a fantasy game to reference TV shows or other games, this one instead chooses to make a joke out of a quantum mechanical thought experiment.

“Recently did the quest where you meet this Cat School Witcher in Velen,” says Reddit user dabear51. “There’s a note on the whereabouts of other Cat Witchers, including one named ‘Schrodinger’, and it says something like ‘I don’t really remember Schrodinger, to be honest.'” It doesn’t add much to the game though , but it’s a fun little touch that most fans will never notice.

Lead a horse to water

Geralt of Rivia and Roach in The Witcher 3

Cockroach isn’t the kind of mount that a player can leave behind and expect it to be waiting for them. Instead, Geralt’s trusty steed tends to explore on her own whenever the player gives her a chance. “Roach will automatically seek water or food in villages if you leave them alone,” noted Reddit user springpojke.

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While it’s probably not a nod to the classic quote about horses and water, it’s a fun element that helps make the video game world feel more alive. It’s also nice to see that Roach sets out on his own but never really gets lost.

Watch the bunnies

A Monty Python Easter egg in Witcher 3

Get ready to run away because the scariest creature in The witcher 3 is also the scariest monster of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In fact, the game risked including the murderous, bloodthirsty rabbit that terrified King Arthur and his men.

One Reddit user, SinfullySinless, described it as her favorite Easter egg because “it was the first one I’ve ever found and recognized the mini scene right away.” It’s really well done as fans will easily notice the reference, while those who might not be fans of Monty Python won’t break their immersion either.

A few hidden mechanics

Of course, there are tons of Easter eggs, secret mechanics, and hard-to-discover quests scattered throughout the game. It’s part of what makes it so endlessly enjoyable. “Seeing people still discovering that you can use crossbows underwater, fast travel from boats, use the elevator at Kaer Trolde, etc. never gets boring,” says Reddit user trashmunki.

Each of these hidden elements help ensure players always have something new to discover every time they return to the game. That’s why it’s so replayable and why fans are still flocking to the series almost a decade after the release of the third iteration.

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