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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko today refuted French President Emmanuel Macron’s argument that there was no “genocide” against the Ukrainian people because of “fraternal” relations between the warring countries.

Mr Nikolenko said: “French President Emmanuel Macron’s reluctance to acknowledge the genocide in Ukraine, after all the blunt statements by the Russian leadership and the criminal actions of the Russian military, is disappointing.

“Ukraine and Russia are historically close for objective reasons, but the myth of the two brotherly peoples of Russia and Ukraine began to crumble after the occupation of Crimea and the aggression in Donbass in 2014.

“Then the Russian ‘brothers’ allegedly came to protect the Russian-speaking population.

“But in eight years, 14,000 Ukrainians were killed.

“The myth was finally shattered when the first Russian missiles hit Ukrainian cities in February.

“’Brotherly’ people do not kill children, shoot civilians, rape women, mutilate the elderly, or commit atrocities against defenseless people.

“Currently there is no moral or real reason to talk about the ‘brotherly’ relations between the Russian and Ukrainian people.”


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