The three new books by the author Billy Bodman, who was born in Pontllanfraith


A CAERPHILLY author has self-published three new novels.

Brian Bodman, originally from Pontllanfraith and living in Newbridge, has spent decades writing novels under the name Billy Bodman.

The 79 year old has written most of his articles on working in sales management and as a steward for the British Legion in Cwmbran and Abergavenny. In the past few years, Mr. Bodman has been writing consistently, with the result of three new books and three more in preparation.

Event horizons is one of the three new novels. It is the first science fiction novel by Mr Bodman to be set in the valleys of South Wales. The book follows a teenager who has access to the quantum universe and can change the course of time.

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South Wales Argus:

noblesse oblige once again set in the South Wales Valleys, retracing the Cromwell era of Britain in a historical adventure that explores Oliver Cromwell’s death and the looming threat of civil war. It also covers exiled royalists planning to put a Stuart king back on the throne, civil unrest, illegal landings and, like a young orphan taken in by the Margam family in the Monmouthshire valleys, in murder, rape , Looting, kidnapping, and betrayal will attempt to untangle the web of deception and discover the truth about yourself, your beliefs, and your morals.


South Wales Argus:

runner is the third novel by Mr. Bodman. It is a romantic adventure thriller set in the 1850s that begins with the unfortunate march of the Chartists from Blackwood to Newport. It follows the Earl of Tredomen’s refusal to forfeit his property and how he lays his family’s future on the California goldfields. The story also follows the son of a Chartist named Daniel Richleigh, who wants to free his parents and younger brother from everyday stress by accumulating wealth.

Daniel’s brother Jack aims to win the prestigious Talbot Cup at the Whit Monday tournaments at the Talbot Estate in Monmouthshire.

Throughout the characters’ journey there is romance, heartwarming and heartbreaking, conflict, kidnapping and piracy that end in a confrontation between the ruins of Sevastopol at the height of the Crimean War.

“I was born in Penllwyn, Pontllanfraith, where the Morgan family mansion – Penllwyn Sarf – is from the 15th century.

“I used that as the basis for the historical stories. Much research is going on, including the fighting in the Crimean War and up to New York of the 1850s and then to the California gold fields.

“I make up drama over time.

“In the science fiction novel Event horizons, I started wondering where stroke patients’ minds are going and decided that they might have the opportunity to leave their bodies and travel the airways. There has also been a lot of research into quantum mechanics and more. ”

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