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Science fiction films are almost as old as cinema itself, starting with George Melies’ 1902 short film A trip to the moon. It’s fun to imagine yourself in a galaxy far, far away, or on Earth for a myriad of years in the future. The genre is loved for both its creativity and its ability to point out scientific possibilities. Scientists often use science fiction as a stepping stone to real scientific advancement. Hence, science fiction has contributed to culture in ways that other films do not. Here are our top ten science fiction films from the 2010s.

11th Looper

Bruce Willis and Joseph-Gordon Levitt in Looper
TriStar pictures

Joe is a killer for the mob, but in 2074 crime syndicates are using technology to send their victims back in time, where they can be killed and disposed of without consequence. When Joe is sent to kill an older version of himself and fails, both the young and old versions of him must avoid the vengeful gangsters. While the plot is insanely tangled and the ending doesn’t satisfy every viewer, the premise is Looper is too fascinating and its visuals (from the future war of stars Director Rian Johnson) too stunning not to make our list. Who doesn’t love seeing Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, especially when they play the same person.

10 Great Hero 6

Hug the characters from Big Hero 6
Walt Disney Studios films

Loosely based on a comic strip, this animated film captivates the family in ways no other film on this list does. Great Hero 6 makes the children laugh and the adults cry. The focus of the film is Hiro Hamada, a teenage robot genius. After his older brother dies, Hiro accidentally activates his brother’s last project, a medical robot – Baymax, which has become a lovable icon that stays in the hearts of many fans. The two become an adorable superhero team who battles a masked villain and uses science fiction technology to save the day in one of the cutest science fiction films of the 2010s.


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9 Blade Runner 2049

The cast of Blade Runner 2049, including Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling
Warner Bros. Pictures

The remake of the 1982 film, Blade runner In 2049 Harrison Ford is working with Ryan Gosling on a kind of science fiction puzzle. Gosling plays Officer K, a blade runner who hunts fugitive replicants on Earth, despite being a replicant himself (a nod to the dynamics of Ford’s first film). After Officer K discovers a secret that society could unravel, he seeks out Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a retired legendary blade runner. This film is packed with nostalgia for the old fans, high-speed action adventure for the new fans, and an exciting storyline for everyone. future dune Director Dennis Villeneuve masterfully creates a sci-fi world that even surpasses the original.

8th Edge of tomorrow

Tom Cruise fits into Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
Warner bros.

Fans are still pleading eight years after the release of. for a sequel Edge of tomorrow. This film’s unexpected narrative took the industry by surprise, grossing over $ 370 million at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo. Edge of tomorrow takes place during an invasion of time traveling aliens. Gaining the alien’s ability to return to the beginning of the day every time he dies, Cage (Tom Cruise) seeks the help of Rita (a badass Emily Blunt), a special forces fighter who officially had the same energy. They live together again and again on the same day in order to conquer the alien species. The film connects with surprising wit and amazing special effects Groundhog Day With Starship Troopers To create one of the most unique science fiction films of the decade.

7th Guardians of the Galaxy

The intergalactic cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, including Chris Pratt
Walt Disney Studios films

The funniest sci-fi movie of the 2010s doesn’t stop this film from turning to sci-fi. With its surroundings from distant planets, various alien teams and high-profile space battles, Guardians of the Galaxy leans much more towards the science fiction genre than most superhero films. In this film, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is a person who grew up under aliens in space and became a successful thief in the process. Things change for him when he steals an infinity stone coveted by other powerful characters. After failing to sell the stone, Quill finds himself in prison, where he teams up to make a daring escape and steal the stone back. Featuring a surprisingly popular soundtrack from the 70s radio classics, inventive character design and exciting direction from James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most successful science fiction films of the decade.

6th beginning

The cast of Inception is on the street
Warner Bros. Pictures

Christopher Nolan is on this list more than once for good reason – he brings dazzling imagery and enigmatic mysteries to all of his work; Nolan is an experienced craftsman of exciting stories with dark edges. beginning is one of his best, about a team taking a job to implant an idea in the mind of a wealthy heir using dreams and subliminal suggestions. As the characters explore the deepest layers of their target’s subconscious, their own personal struggles hamper their success. With groundbreaking CGI and incredible backdrops of undulating buildings and battles that defy gravity, beginning is one of the most exciting and original science fiction films of the 21st century.

5 The Martian

Matt Damon plants poop potatoes at The Martian
20th Century Fox

Ridley Scott’s film adaptation of the book is based more on actual science than many other films in the genre. Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded on Mars when his crew unexpectedly evacuates during a dust storm. He finds innovative ways to survive on his own, grow food, and eventually get in touch with the earth. The Martian Really shows the talents and expertise of real astronauts, relies on current science and character development instead of flashy action mechanics and is therefore more interesting.

4th Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy jumps out of an exploding car on Fury Road
Warner Bros. Pictures

Immortan Joe is a terrible gang overload who selfishly hoards resources like water and gasoline after the earth’s natural resources dry up. When Furiosa, one of Joe’s most respected war captains, tries to escape and save all of Joe’s wives in some kind of rebellion, she allies herself with Max Rockatansky (originally played by Mel Gibson in the first films, but played here by Tom Hardy in a nicely underplayed Power). Your motley team is fighting to be one step ahead of Joe’s gang and to survive the barren planet. Mad Max: Fury Road modernizes George Miller’s own film franchise brilliantly, with Miller losing no energy despite a 30-year film break. His narrative is full of unique world formation, mysterious storylines, and high-profile car chases from start to finish. Although this film lacks traditional scene fiction elements such as space battles and time travel, the post-apocalyptic setting, the dystopian society and the exploration of future technologies qualify it as science fiction.


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3 arrival

Amy Adams looks thoughtful in a field with an alien spaceship in Arrival
Paramount Pictures

The story of the award-winning film arrival keeps the audience’s heads twisted until the big unveiling at the very end. Even then, some explanation is likely to be required (or at least a reading of the brilliant short story it is based on). When aliens visit Earth, linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is dispatched to lead a team that realizes the alien’s intentions. With a plot structure as circular as the foreign language, this film is certainly not for everyone. For those who enjoy the intricacies, the cinematography, the sound, and the new perspective on extraterrestrial life along with the intellectually stimulating narrative, this loop is worth it.

2 Interstellar

Astronauts (including Anne Hathaway) wade through rising interstellar waters
Paramount Pictures

Science is difficult to show and explain in an engaging way, however Interstellar represents quantum physics visually in an unprecedented way, and its landmark imagery is an inspiration to filmmakers and scientists alike. In Christopher Nolan’s scientifically fascinating and surprisingly emotional film, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) searches for a new home planet for humanity while the earth becomes uninhabitable. However, gravity on other worlds causes time to move differently during his journey, and Cooper may not find a new planet until time runs out for his daughter on Earth. Combine the above stunning visuals with a heavy church organ score and epic scope, Interstellar is a science fiction masterpiece.

1 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Storm Troopers shoot stuff in Rogue One
Disney studios

With all of that war of stars Content that Disney brought to market after the Lucasfilm acquisition, variations on the franchise could have filled this entire list. The film series is known for redefining science fiction and space operas, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the best of the 2010s. The stand-alone film is replete with references to the original trilogy and follows a motley team of rebels who are unraveling the mystery of the Death Star just before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope. The film is complete with exciting and innovative graphics, emotional soundtrack and different characters that you can’t make up your mind. His inspiring story of heroism and sacrifice will warm the hearts of old and new fans alike. It’s a movie not to be missed and the best sci-fi movie of the 2010s.


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