Star Trek: The 10 Most Likeable Characters


More than 50 years later Star Trek The franchise, which first debuted on the small screen, continues to add new movies, TV shows, and characters. While Gene Roddenberry’s original plan may have been a focus on three core characters, James Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy, the characters in the franchise have since evolved well beyond what even Spock’s brilliant mind could have imagined.

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In fact, the variety of character types is one of the reasons the franchise survived so long. Some Star trek ‘S. The most interesting characters are irritating, spirited, and headstrong. But on the other hand, a lot of viewers are drawn to the other end of the line Star Trek Character spectrum, with characters that are much more personable. In fact, some of the most enduring and well-known of Star Trek‘s characters are also some of the most personable.

10 Data’s respect for others makes it easy to like him

Picard and Data are sitting together

One of the reasons fans love to watch Star Trek is the fact that the show promised a better future and a more enlightened society. While certain aspects of the franchise have certainly explored increasingly darker concepts like genocide and racism, the show always offers hope that circumstances and people will get better.

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Perhaps no character embodies the concept of hope better in Star Trek as good as Data, originally seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data is an android, but unlike the evil beings of artificial intelligence found in other science fiction works, Data is devoid of malice. Data is so personable in part because he wonders what it would be like to be human, but the audience knows that he is already vastly superior in all important aspects of humanity.

9 Saru’s most likable trait is his ability to overcome fear

Saru from Star Trek Discovery The Sound of Thunder

As the first Kelpien to decide to leave his homeworld, Saru is only allowed to join Starfleet with the restriction that he can never return to his planet. This would defile its culture and violate the Supreme Directive.

Saru’s defining character arc is his ability to recognize his fears and to overcome them. On a ship full of lively personalities, Saru’s triumph over his weakness and his transformation into an impressive captain make him very sympathetic.

8th Jake Sisko is the most personable member of a charming family

Ben Sisko and Jake Sisko from DS9 episode The Visitor

On Deep Space Nine, Jake Sikso is the son of the station’s commander, Ben Sikso. Jake dreams of becoming a writer but is still ready to study quantum mechanics to save his father in the episode “The Visitor”.

Jake’s loyalty is also evident in his friendship with the Feregni Nog, which Jake refuses to leave behind when everyone tells him, including Jake’s father. Jake’s clear loyalty makes him one of the most personable characters Deep Space Nine.

7th Tom Paris makes constant mistakes on the way to being personable

Star Trek Voyagers Tom Paris with Harry Kim

Star Trek: Voyager‘s pilot, Tom Paris, is easily one of the most flawed characters in franchise history. He meets Captain Janeway for the first time when she tries to get him out of prison. After Paris received a pardon and a field commission, he disobeyed orders, violated the Supreme Directive and was demoted to ensign again.

Part of Paris’s charm as a character lies in its repeated failures. The character never gives up, and that “never give up” spirit carries over into his personal life as well. Almost every character on Voyager benefited from Tom’s unwavering compassion and loyalty – even characters who hated him. Tom is an indispensable team player who wants to do the right thing for everyone, which also makes him likable outside of the course.

6th She likes Michael Burnham’s desire to improve her universe

Star Trek Discovery's Captain Michael Burnham in the Captain's Chair

While Star Trek has always promised a better future than the world we live in, the franchise has also always warned that the path to a better future will never be easy. To achieve a better future, Kirk ignores orders, Picard leads a literal riot, Sisko commits war crimes, Janeway changes the timeline, and Archer orders the death of an innocent man.

In Star Trek: Discovery, Michael Burnham carries on the same legacy that was put before her by the captains. She makes difficult decisions, often accompanied by mutiny or disobedience. But she makes these decisions to force Starfleet and the Federation to be the best version of themselves. Not only is she extremely personable, but she also carries on a proud legacy of the Federation captain of Starfleet.

5 Trip Tucker’s willingness to be emotional is key to his personable nature

Trip and T'Pol on Star Trek Enterprise sit crying with Trip

In the course of Star Trek: Company, the characters surely survive some difficult circumstances. Perhaps no one suffers as much as Trip Tucker, who lost a sister and daughter over the course of the show’s four seasons and also completely destroyed his childhood home.

Trip reacts to these types of circumstances in a perfectly human way. His emotions are on full display as he openly weeps for those he has lost. There is though Star Trek Characters who become sympathetic through their stoicism, trips are open vulnerabilities that make him so sympathetic.

4th Nyota Uhura is one of the most personable characters on Trek, despite having less dialogue than many other characters

Nyota Uhura at her communication station in TOS

When Star Trek debuted in 1966, the original Trek focused heavily on the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The other characters on the show have little dialogue, including Uhura.

That doesn’t stop Uhura from becoming a fan favorite. Despite her reduced screen time, Uhura is portrayed as a caring friend, someone who can annoy Spock, and a capable officer who can rewire the entire communications system. Whether she’s singing over a plate of orange replicator food or Mirroring Sulu fending off with his own knife, Uhura is definitely one of the most personable characters in Star Trek.

3 James Kirk’s devotion to his ship and crew makes him likable

Kirk is in command of an alien planet TOS

For some, Captain James Kirk may be too bold, arrogant, and daring to be personable. But whatever Kirk embodies as captain, his loyalty to the ship and crew is his priority. Despite what he values ​​as a captain, he is ready to give up this position in order to save his friends.

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Spock Prime uses the devotion to his friends to completely change the course of the friendship between Kirk and Spock in the Kelvin timeline. That makes Kirk’s sympathy far stronger than any of his negative traits.

2 Guinan’s wise advice makes her the lovable friend every Star Trek character needs

Guinan in a purple outfit in Ten Forward

Perhaps there is no better description for the mysterious bartender of The next generation Ten Forward Lounge than the one offered by Guinan himself: “My name is Guinan. I tend to the bar and listen.”

Guinan’s sheer sympathy enables her to forge all kinds of friendships. The challenging personalities Worf and Ro Laren seek their leadership, as do the more laid-back Beverly Crusher and Geordi La Forge. Even the already very wise character, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, benefits from Guinan’s advice and regards her as a friend. Guinan is trusted for giving advice to so many beloved officers that the audience can easily trust, and that is the key to their sympathy.

1 Spock’s fights reflect the fights of the audience and that makes him personable

When James Kirk pays his final respects to Spock The wrath of Khan the captain remarks: “Of all the souls I have met on my voyages, his was the most humane.” In that one short, sad sentence, Kirk tells the audience exactly what makes Spock such a lovable character: all the alien battles Spock goes through along the way Star Trek are human too.

The result of watching Spock go through his struggles makes him one of the most personable characters in the Star Trek Story. It’s no surprise that for many the saddest moment in Trek Story is Spock’s death in The wrath of Khan. Watching Spock die is like losing an old friend, and Kirk’s overwhelming grief at the loss of such a loved one reflects the audience’s sense of loss.

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