Spectra Sculpt introduces ORION, an advanced home contouring device that is changing the beauty industry.


ORION is the world’s first automatic and hands-free home device designed to improve all areas of the face with just one placement. It was recognized by Forbes magazine as the most popular microcurrent device.

According to the New York Post, more than 25% of women begin to worry about wrinkles in their early 20s, with one in three women using anti-aging creams by the age of 35.

Spectra Sculpt is the latest brilliant Swiss innovation. Advanced cutting-edge technology scientifically engineered to deliver professional results at home! Its uniquely tuned Quantum EMS technology combines insights from modern physics, delivering calibrated current to support cellular regeneration and molecular repair for long-term results for face and leg firming and firming.

Introducing the world’s first automated and hands-free home device that makes time-wasting skin care routines a thing of the past. Spectra Sculpt is the first home device of its kind to do the job without manual facial massage, which sometimes takes up to 20 minutes a day. With its superior slim design and precisely calculated radius in power, focused frequencies and wavelength, ORION prevents users from strengthening the wrong muscle groups, which is common with hand-applied home devices. Users can enjoy their daily treatments with the built-in program while moving and focusing on other daily tasks.

The attraction of the facial muscles means that wrinkles and sagging skin are a significant contributor to aging. SPECTRA SCULPT offers a solution to restore any facial structure to its natural youthful state, rather than unwanted changes in expression through injections. It helps tighten and tighten facial features and legs without the heat or controlled damage commonly used with HIFU, Ultrasonic or Radio Frequency. Still, it fights many aging issues, including sagging skin, wrinkles, and even cellulite! Check out before and after pictures from real users.

It’s designed to boost the skin’s natural regeneration process and stimulate collagen and ATP production, allowing the user’s cells to behave like they’re in their 20s in just 15 minutes a day. His program, similar to sports, is able to help increase the actual number of energy-producing mitochondria, as opposed to the normal microcurrent, by only stimulating the existing amount.

ORION is 100% developed in Switzerland by women who began their pioneering work in science with a semester studying Quantum Mechanics at the University of Georgetown, Astrophysics in Zurich and were certified by the University of Harvard in Cell Biology. “Our mission is to improve the beauty industry and its perspective on anti-aging procedures by making them equally accessible to all.” Spectra Sculpt offers a solution to many concerns, compact yet powerful in one device with exceptional engineering.

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