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Choosing a degree program is a big decision. Students have to choose something that challenges and interests them while balancing the harsh realities of the job market and the prospects for career paths. A good post-college salary is key to a secure future for the middle class, and as student loan debt rises, it becomes more and more desirable to choose a course that pays higher salaries.

To show how valuable these college majors can be, Stacker used data from a 2020 PayScale report to rank the top 100 college majors that alumni make the most money from in their respective careers. The rankings published in 2021 are based on the highest average mid-career salary. Information is provided on what jobs a major in that area might be hired for, what skills they acquire during schooling, and how the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts their prospects for a job after graduation.

Stacker’s list of the Top 100 Most Paying College Degrees is diverse, from Japanese studies to petroleum engineering. In between, computing and applied math, aerospace, civil engineering, and mechatronics top the college majors who make the most money early to mid-career. Engineering-related college majors dominate the list, with petroleum engineering majors earning the highest mid-career salary at $ 182,000.

Read on to find out if your major was added to the list of college majors that make the most money.

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