RMU will soon receive Simulation Lab, RLC, PGINM


RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – September 26, 2021): A state-of-the-art simulation laboratory would be set up for 550 million rupees to perform complex minimally invasive surgical procedures before practicing on patients.

The Vice Chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU) Dr. Speaking to APP, Muhammd Umer said the lab at RMU would be set up to improve slightly intrusive surgical skills.

He said the simulation lab was designed to provide a learning experience for doctors and health care students.

“A simulation center made up of realistic-looking clinical simulation labs, exercise models and equipment enables learners to practice and develop clinical expertise without the risk of harm to the patient,” he added.

The VC announced that health care simulation can be used for primary and nursing schools, internships, residencies, and advanced training for qualified physicians. The addition of medical simulation provides hospital staff and students with a unique opportunity to practice team communication, interdisciplinary care, and patient safety.

The professor, who is also the director of the city’s allied hospitals, said the RMU will also set up a state-of-the-art research laboratory complex (RLC) for RLC 2 billion to research various diseases and treatments. Vice Chancellor of the RMU, Dr. Muhammd Umer said the complex would set up 11 laboratories of various types, including microbiology, parasitology, virology, hematology, coagulation, clinical biochemistry, immunology / serology, immunohematology, urinalysis, histopathology, cytopathology, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics and surgical pathology.

He said that on the recommendation of the federal government, the University Commission initially transferred an amount of Rs 250 million to the RMU, the first of its kind in Pakistan, on which work is due to begin shortly. Dr. Umer said the most advanced and modern technical equipment will be made available to scientists to study various elements of the disease, including its control, prevention and treatment. “The RMU research complex would not only provide laboratory workers with specific training on how to deal with infectious and potentially fatal causes, but researchers would also examine how to deal with infectious agents,” he added.

Meanwhile, he announced that a Post Graduate Institute of Nursing and Midwife (PGINM) would be set up at the Holy Family Hospital at a cost of Rs 220 with funding from the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Vice Chancellor said.

He said that HEC had transferred an initial amount of Rs 50 million of Rs 220 million for the project, which would be completed in three years.

Umer said nurses and midwives are the largest group of health professionals and are often the first point of contact for individuals and families.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the VC said there was a shortage of health workers worldwide, and the WHO estimates that an additional nine million nurses and midwives will be needed for general health care by 2030.

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