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The future is painted as a picture of success and harmony in which humanity has put aside its differences and works for the common good. In reality, we are likely to get more of what we are experiencing now; Greed, lust for power and war, a lot of war. Quantum replica tells a dark story of an oppressive cyberpunk future that captures all these depressing images in its totalitarian vision.

Developed by On3D Studios and published by PQube, this is a futuristic stealth tactical adventure title. You must use cunning, patience and special powers to fight your way through a city defended by heartless mercenaries. With a “us versus them” stance, the power-hungry government will stop at nothing to quell an insurrection. This top-down adventure title borrows elements from many popular games. It feels familiar and will keep you entertained, even if it’s a little rough around the edges.

Try to stay in the shade.

Quantum replica offers a depressing glimpse into our future.

You play in the year 2084 and control a young man named Alpha. He is a vigilante who does not remember his past, but he has a desire and an urge to destroy the government known as The Syndicate. This faceless being will remove any threat that stands in its way, using its technology and mercenary army to kill anyone who opposes it.

The future seems like a fun place and I can’t wait to see it! The gloomy landscape shows a clear gap between rich and poor. In this futuristic vision, the little man has no hope of improving himself. Your only hope is Alpha and the team yelling orders over the radio. Using stealth and overwhelming skill, he must avoid being spotted while making his way through a highly protected data mainframe.

The mechanics are well thought out but lack finesse.

With a high dose of Solid metal gear Stealth mechanics, Quantum replica demands that you stay in the shade. Getting spotted is a big mistake as it almost guarantees death. If you wander into your enemy’s cone of vision, an alarm will sound and all hell will break loose. Your silhouette is engraved in red where you were spotted, and any mercenary nearby will fall on you. You have to run and pray to avoid the projectiles that follow. I loved this game of cat and mouse until I realized the guards had tunnel vision! If you go just outside of their detection range, they will ignore you! I know their observation skills must have limits, but it was just stupid not to see someone from the periphery.

This lack of finesse doesn’t ruin the game, it simply spoils the otherwise difficult tactical experience. As the game progresses, security increases and you have to use alleys, roofs and tunnels to avoid detection. Camouflage isn’t always possible, however, and then you’ll have to use EMP grenades, bottles, and non-lethal or lethal ammunition to create a path. How you deal with each situation is up to you, but if you make too much noise you will face the consequences.

A poisonous cloud is a new low.

Quantum replica adds new skills and bosses to keep things fresh.

Alpha’s memory loss is uncomfortable as he cannot remember his training. As the game progresses, his training sets in and he unlocks a number of new skills. Speed ​​and time manipulation give you an edge over the grunts and bosses you encounter. The sprint ability lets you sprint over crumbling platforms and dodge enemy attacks. Time manipulation slows the world to a crawl and gives you the opportunity to adjust your tactics. Both are lifesavers, but also quickly drain your blue energy bar. This is slowly replenishing so the use of your skills needs to be thought through.

“The Syndicate” holds the keys to the city’s technology. Cameras and computers have to be hacked to give Alpha the advantage. The mini-game of matching the image or code to three options was really interesting. Although it was never really a challenge, it felt like you had to work to crack the system.

The end of level bosses are not uncommon and can be defeated with a quick game to find the weaknesses. They’ll spend your time taking advantage of their shortcomings to lower their health before moving on to the next stage. Where the game excels is the classic Good versus Evil versus the Mad Bomber. Constantly turning the fighting on and off and dodging his arsenal of weapons will keep you nervous with every encounter.

Old-school graphics with a dark and depressing border.

You won’t be impressed with what comes with it Quantum replica. The old school graphics have been seen many times, but I really liked the overall presentation. The use of dark tones and vibrant neon colors adds an oppressive touch to this cyberpunk-inspired world. The enemy’s view was clearly obstructed so you can plan your approach. The levels seem big but claustrophobic as you work your way up obstacles and through tight spaces. Although little of it was original, it was well constructed and fun to explore.

The audio amplified the futuristic vibes with its metallic and cold finish. The loud barking of the mercenaries’ orders contradicted the narrator’s cordiality. This emphasized the theme of good versus evil and sold The Syndicate for the heartless monsters that they are. The heavy tones of the soundtracks complete the package and stamp the depressing totalitarian cyberpunk future.

Work your way through the narrow streets.

A clean and clear user interface makes it easy to play.

I’m not always a fan of controller layouts overlaying the display, but in Quantum replica it works exceptionally well. The simple pictures show the mapping while the display remains clear. The obvious performance bar allows you to use your skills with confidence and gives you the freedom to enjoy your new skills. With responsive controls and clear cues of where objects and balls were going, it was easy to pick up and play.

With his semi-linear narrative, I found that an extra playthrough provided a little something extra. Most of the replayability came from the challenging levels and the desire to unlock all the achievements. If you are a completer, it will take you two tries as you will have to employ both passive and aggressive tactics.

Quantum replica offers few surprises, but it is a challenging and enjoyable experience.

When a game borrows heavily from other titles, it has a hard time defining its style. Quantum replica lacks originality but its core concept and many elements are put together well to make it an enjoyable experience. I liked fighting the repressive regime and I recommend you buy it Here! Alpha is the key to a better future. Can he unlock his memory and defeat the Syndicate?

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