Penn State research teams awarded seed grants to further develop bio-equipment



The Penn State Biodevices Seed Grant program, administered by the Penn State Center for Biodevices at the College of Engineering, supports research collaborations between engineers, scientists and clinicians. The program funds research focused on bio-devices that improve human and animal health. The College of Engineering, the College of Medicine, the Materials Research Institute, and the Huck Institute of the Life Sciences are funding the program.

“The Center for Biodevices is very excited to support these seed grant projects,” said Mary Frecker, Riess Chair of Engineering and Director of the Center for Biodevices. “These are precisely the interdisciplinary and cross-campus collaborations that we want to promote. We look forward to the discoveries the teams will make that will enable important advances in bio-devices. ”

The Grace Woodward Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine Grant program, administered by the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine, supports research focused on advancing the life sciences and medicine. The two winning teams will develop and examine interventional bio-devices for use in human clinical medicine.

“The opportunity to use the Grace Woodward Collaborative Research Grants to advance the Center for Biodevices ‘mission was key to the Center for Biodevices’ early momentum,” said Sarah Bronson, assistant dean of interdisciplinary research and associate professor of cellular and molecular Physiology at Penn State College of Medicine. “Similarly, aligning the processes of the two funding mechanisms, the Grace Woodward Collaborative Grants and the Penn State Biodevices Seed Grants, increases visibility and scientific rigor.”

The Penn State Biodevices Seed Grant recipients are:

  • Jason Moore, associate professor of mechanical engineering; Joshua Winder, medical officer; Randy Haluck, medical officer; and Paris Von Lockette, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, for her Novel Single Incision, Free Motion Laparoscopic Surgical System project.

  • Ibrahim Ozbolat, Associate Professor of Engineering and Mechanics and Biomedical Technology; Thomas Samson, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery; Francesco Costanzo, professor of engineering and mechanics, mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering; Douglas Cavener, professor of biology; and Srinivas Koduru, Assistant Professor of Surgery, for her project “High-throughput Bioprinting of Islets for Fabrication of Pancreatic Devices for Type 1 Diabetes”.

The recipients of the Grace Woodward Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine Grants are:

  • Daniel Cortes, assistant professor of mechanical engineering; Vitaly Gordin, medical officer for pain medicine; Jason Moore, associate professor of mechanical engineering; and Thomas Neuberger, Associate Research Professor and Director of the High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility, for their project “New Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure for Facet Joint Pain”.

  • Mehdi Kiani, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Andras Hajnal, Professor of Neuroscience and Behavioral Sciences, for their project “Gastric Vagus Stimulation to Reduce Adverse Behavioral Outcomes of Gastric Bypass”.

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