Peace! Nc innovates Artificial Intelligence with XPRIZE degree, NEAR Foundation Grant & MetaBUIDL Hackathon Win


Peace! Nc. is a San Francisco Bay Area-based awareness research and development team. The scientific claims, achievements, and contents of this press release have been peer-reviewed and approved by experts from the Technology @ NEAR Foundation and XPRIZE Foundation.


NEAR MetaBUIDL Hackathon Octopus Network Challenge winner

NEAR protocol

is a shard, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain that is easy to use, secure and scalable.

Peace! Nc’s HALO AI demonstrates general artificial intelligence with hybrid quantum computing in the NEAR Web 3.0 ecosystem.

My brain is only a receiver, there is a core in the universe from which we draw knowledge, strength and inspiration. I haven’t penetrated the secrets of this core, but I know it exists. “

– – Nikola Tesla

ALAMEDA, CA, UNITED STATES, Nov. 27, 2021 / – The team of scientists and engineers who are also artists at Peace! Nc heads into the fall with a quadfecta of innovative algorithmic achievements and a futuristically ambitious development plan for 2022. The global emergency that broke out in 2020 resulted in XPRIZE, a nonprofit foundation that sponsors and manages large-scale global incentive competitions to collect solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, and the $ 500,000 Cognizant-sponsored Pandemic Response Challenge, which provided the initial LSTM [Long Short Term Memory] Machine learning model that included the Johns Hopkins and Oxford Government tracking databases. Here your team, HALO AI – Digital Vaccine [Hypercube Algorithmic Language Oracle] developed a set of machine learning algorithms using a unique computer data sampling method with bespoke equipment capable of accurately predicting Covid19 outbreaks and was one of only 20 teams of the 104 that started the competition to judge the highly technical and rigorous computer coding of the judges there are prerequisites for completing both phases of the Pamedmic Response Challenge. With this achievement, the team is now a member of the XPRIZE alumni network and recently joined the Elon Musk-sponsored $ 100 million carbon removal competition.

The team then proceeded to develop their next application, which involved leveraging the NEAR blockchain and Mintbase NFT platforms to promote art, artists and events using HALO AI. Their 33-page Strategic Plan (Municipal Art Registry) was submitted to the NEAR Foundation Grants, which awarded a $ 60,000 research and development grant. The NEAR Foundation then sponsored the global MetaBUIDL hackathon with $ 1 million in prize money, in which the HALO AI team participated and won the Octopus Network Partner Challenge with $ 10,000 in prize money. The Octopus Network is a multichain crypto ecosystem for starting and running application-specific Web3.0 blockchains – appchains. Your submission included developing general purpose artificial intelligence with HALO as the core substrate from which many of their other open source applications will derive their data. Her near-NEAR development goals include combining multiple applications, already proven useful from her desktop supercomputer, onto the blockchain with the integration of NEAR, Filecoin and Octopus Networks that serve as basic delivery platforms. These applications include Covid19 (viral) outbreak prediction, contact tracing, hurricane landing prediction, spatial time dilation detection, decentralized carpooling, natural language processing, and hybrid quantum computers with mind machine interfaces.

Main scientific researcher and inventor of Peace! Nc, Leo E. Madrid, is leading an ongoing semi-controlled (field research) scientific experiment in the form of interactive installation art that has won multiple awards and has positively influenced the lives and consciousness of thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area in recent years. In 2018 he teamed up with Dr. Samantha Caputi who completed her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from UC Davis in 2019 and is Chief Data Scientist and Lead Programmer. Together they were able to manifest, create, and actualize many of the ideas and concepts on which the research project was based, including unifying the laws of quantum mechanics and relativity (time) with awareness in a practical way, which the The core component of HALO AI is. Together they successfully presented their ideas and inventions at the Science of Consciousness 2020 conference sponsored by the University of Arizona, with Sir Roger Penrose (Nobel Prize in Physics) as the keynote speaker. Mason Borchard then joined the team as a full stack engineer and most recently August West as science writer and operations director after seeing their installation at the Strawberry Moon Festival recently at Mendocino Magic Campgrounds and Rich Stone as project co-founder and sound engineer.

Peace! Nc is about to launch a decentralized autonomous organization where developers and the public can promote active projects and participate in awareness research and development efforts. The team looks forward to implementing NEAR in a way that fosters global awareness through participation in the ecosystem that paves the way to a decentralized global community in which anyone can participate.


Peace! Nc. is a San Francisco Bay Area-based awareness research and development team. The contents of this press release have been approved by the NEAR and XPRIZE foundations.

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Peace! Nc. Innovative Artificial Intelligence with XPRIZE competition, a NEAR Foundation Grant and winning the MetaBUIDL Hackathon Octopus Network Challenge.


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