Opt for MS in Sorbonne University Successful Career

  • The Sorbonne University was created by merging several renowned French universities.
  • The university offers many innovative courses.
  • Sorbonne University has a wide range of fields such as business, law, medicine, science, engineering and the like.
  • The university integrates conceptual learning and experiential learning.
  • The Institute offers fruitful exchange programs.

The Sorbonne University comprises 10 educational institutions. The institution was renamed Sorbonne University in 2018 following the merger between Pierre and Marie Curie University and Paris-Sorbonne University. In the same year, Sorbonne University changed its name to Association Sorbonne University.

The original group was formed in June 2010 by:

  • Pierre and Marie Curie University
  • University of Paris-Sorbonne
  • Panthéon Assas University

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MS at the Sorbonne University

Here are the MS programs offered by Sorbonne University

  • MS in Bioinformatics and Modeling
  • MS in the cloud and network infrastructure
  • MS in Computational Mechanics
  • MS in Basic Molecular Life Sciences and Biotherapies
  • MS in Physics
  • MS in the digital international program

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Admission Requirements

Here are the requirements for MS at Pierre and Sorbonne University:

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MS programs at the Sorbonne University

For detailed information on MS programs offered at Sorbonne University please see below:

MS in Bioinformatics and Modeling

The MS in Bioinformatics and Modeling program helps students develop their knowledge of artificial intelligence, algorithms, and imagery. They are offered innovative methodological contributions to learn how to apply their skills in algorithms, statistics and combinatorics and how to evaluate and solve biological problems.

Students also learn how to process and analyze a vast amount of biological data. They work to create solutions to biological needs by implementing software to analyze genome sequence data. The students are able to use modeling tools and apply new methods to solve problems in the life sciences.

The faculty works to promote productive interactions between students from different backgrounds through the formation of groups and interaction between classmates through the presentation of articles and research work conducted.

Many experienced scientists from various fields are also guests. Scientists are working to evaluate the course content and update it with the latest discoveries and insights in this evolving field.

In the second year of the MS program, students have the opportunity to spend a semester at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium for an internship or a lecture.

MS in the cloud and network infrastructure

The MS in Cloud and Network Infrastructure program integrates theoretical knowledge with experiential learning. It covers various topics such as network management, design and operations such as:

  • Cloud Service and Deployment Models
  • implementation strategies
  • application design

Candidates study 1 year at an “entry” university and another year at an “exit” university. Each associate university in the program offers a specialization during exit. The disciplines are:

  • Intelligent mobility systems offered by the Sorbonne University in Paris, France
  • Beyond 5G offered by the University of Trento in Italy
  • Mobile networking and cloud services provided by Aalto University, Helsinki and Espoo in Finland
  • Cloud & Distributed Computing offered by Technical University of Berlin – Germany
  • Connected Intelligence offered by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
MS in Computational Mechanics

The MS in Computational Mechanics program offers students the opportunity to grow in a stimulating global environment. At the end of the MS program, graduates thrive in research and engineering fields at an international level.

Students can analyze scientific work in the field of mechanics, assess the relevance of the approximations required to solve a problem, and apply appropriate numerical discretization and techniques using high-performance computing with modern open-source software. It is used to solve challenging problems in solid and fluid mechanics.

MS in basic molecular life sciences to biotherapies

The MS program From Fundamental Molecular Life Sciences to Biotherapies offers an integrated modern education in the fundamentals of the molecular life sciences used in biotherapies, using a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on the modern trends and advances in the field.

The field of biotherapy combines the topics of therapeutics on the basis of molecules that are made up of a living organism. Biotherapies include:

  • Cell and Tissue Therapy
  • gene therapy
  • Therapies that use human molecules synthesized by eukaryotic cells or bacteria as bioactive proteins and antibodies

The field has developed in recent years due to advances in research in vectorology, biomaterials, stem cells, computational biology and omics. The above areas have changed the practices of laboratories for research in basic biology and biotherapy. It has facilitated numerous attempts to advance.

The ethical and societal implications of the new features are massive and the field of biotherapy will require experts in the future. Future researchers in this specific field need a strong knowledge of the molecular basis of physiopathological processes in order to formulate new biotherapy strategies.

MS in Physics

The MS in Physics is a two-year postgraduate program taught in English. It is offered by two universities:

  • Sorbonne University
  • University of Paris Cite

The first year includes an extensive and rigorous range of courses in experimental, numerical and fundamental physics. The final year offers further courses, which are followed by a thesis on a topic of your choice. Through regular interaction with researchers in experimental and theoretical physics, the MS program aims to increase the intellectual rigor and practical understanding required for research and to prepare candidates for a PhD. Thesis.

MS in the digital international program

The MS in DIGIT or Digital International program offers students the opportunity to customize their curriculum by selecting a subset of a unit of study that is consistent among English language courses. Project or extended projects in the first 3 semesters can offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in several topics.

The courses use a reverse learning process and experiential learning. Students participate in rigorous training that has two objectives:

  • Pedagogical innovation
  • internationalization
About the Sorbonne University

In 2010, the Pierre and Marie Curie University was merged with the Pantheon Assas University, the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, the Paris-Sorbonne University, the Technical University of Compiègne and INSEAD.

The university enrolls about 60,000 students each year.

On January 1, 2018, UPMC entered into a partnership with Paris-Sorbonne University to become the Sorbonne University.

In 2018, Panthéon-Assas became an associate member.

Members of the association have created several projects to strengthen ties among themselves and to create innovative courses and research programs in the fields of medicine, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, law, arts, business administration and engineering.

The variety of disciplines and cooperation with renowned academic institutions make it popular with students who want to study abroad. If the candidate decides to study in France at Sorbonne University, he will experience a progressive, current and multicultural environment.


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