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Scientists have achieved creating a machine in the form of a biological one that is able to not only duplicate itself but additionally “give the birth” to infants!Researchers of Harvard University, the University of Vermont, Tufts University and Harvard University in the USA have achieved this feat. The news is both hilarious as well as frightening in the same moment.Since the beginning of time, when people began building machines to accomplish tasks they worried that eventually machines would surpass them.In reality, machines have surpassed humans in a variety of ways.However, these machines continue to serve as slaves.However, could they eventually challenge human mind, which is the basis of our superiority to the other living creatures on the planet?When the advent of computers there was a growing concern that our brains could be in danger of being challenged by machines.The old worry about creating an Frankenstein that would overpower or even kill the creator is still present.Computers have provided a boost to our brains just as a weight-lifting crane is a muscle like human but is much larger.However, can a computer be as intelligent as computers?Is it the extension of brain it is able to perform an exact task as specified in the software that was developed to it?The program is a man-made.But artificial intelligence? The world has seen a lot of progress achieved in the field technology for artificial intelligence.The most fundamental feature of the intelligence is the ability to gain knowledge from an experience and apply what it’s learned to a different situation.Artificial intelligence will be “machine learning” which helps it learn from knowledge.A lot of progress has been made in this field.Artificial intelligence , also known as AI is used extensively in industry, research and business.Although it has proved to be an area that has a lot of potential for human endeavour and innovation, even a Stephen Hawkings-like scientist was opposed to the further advancement of AI.He believed that AI could eventually be a true Frankenstein.The human race continue to push the limits.The development of a brand new self-replicating “living machine” is yet another instance of our human curiosity to discover the undiscovered.Researchers have done at University of Vermont, Tufts University and Harvard have accomplished is nothing but more than assembling mechanical components like those computers into an entirely new type of machine that could make another duplicate of itself.It was far more.With the aid by AI they transformed living cells from a kind known as African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) and then gathered the cells into a new kind of living.The new form is known as Xenobot and was first invented in 2020.The same team of scientists are now able to accomplish this feat through trial and error using an algorithm that evolves.The Xenobot at the time it was created last year it was able to reproduce itself . It can walk and swim or orbit an object and even heal itself when cut.Its latest version, it is able to create an infant from it.The xenobot baby can create its own child and continue the process.Naturally, the creation of life-like forms is an unplanned process, but it’s not natural.It’s a process of reproduction that doesn’t adhere to the natural rules of reproduction (as we can tell to be honest).What’s going on?The parent Xenobot is composed of three thousand cells of the embryo of a frog.In natural conditions, these cells will transform into skin cells of frogs.In the laboratory, they are shaped into balls.The three thousand cells, known as the parent Xenobot is able to father children.However, it is not sustainable as it typically ends up dying after babies are born.What exactly did the scientists who were part of their Deep Green Supercomputer Cluster at the University of Vermont’s Vermont Advanced Computing Core (UVM) did?The supercomputer evaluated billions of geometric forms in simulations using an application that was developed through AI along with an algorithm for evolutionary change.The models used to simulate the shapes were such as triangles, squaresand pyramids and others.In the end, scientists discovered the shape that enabled cells to be more efficient in what they call movement-based “kinematic” replicating.Computer-generated modeling efforts of different randomly-shaped shapes took months.The shape that was able to perform the magic of “kinematic replica was Pac Man (the famous video game character) similar to one.Based on Sam Kliegman, a senior researcher in the Xenobot project, the form that the AI created did not appear to be “not easy to comprehend” in that “a human engineer could not have imagined that it”.It was the Xenobot parent that was able to sustain itself because it didn’t cease to exist after just one cycle of reproduction.It behaved as a living thing that could bear many generations of kids.But the way it reproduces differs from the way is practiced by nature up to today.It’s a clear instance of “kinematic reproduction”.However, until now, scientists have only discovered “kinematic replication” at the molecular scale.This is where they have to deal with the whole cell. There are approximately 42 million protein molecules within the same cell. (!).This is not just a single cell however, but an entire system that is experiencing Kinematic replication.What is the goal of the discovery of the concept of a “synthetic creature”?The biotechnology of the future could aid in the development of the regenerative medical field.The artificial creature, Xenobot is able to eliminate blood clots that are in the veins of the body that trigger heart attacks, destroy and attack cancerous cells, heal birth defects, and slow the process of aging.Science fiction?Scientists playing god? Man is at the threshold of a new age in science.It’s time to let go of our anxieties regarding this science and technology, and get excited about it.

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