Narendra Modi: The Creative Disruptor


I don’t see the future; I don’t want to see it either. But one vision I see as clear as life before me is that the old mother has awakened and is seated more glorious than ever on her throne; Proclaim them to the whole world with the voice of peace and blessing.

Swami Vivekananda

Politics is like theoretical physics and as gripping as a Mario Puzo novel. A fascinating book Beautiful Invisible by Glovanni Vignale, published by Oxford University Press, compared physics to fiction. “A good scientific theory is like a symbolic story, an allegory of reality. His characters are abstractions that may not exist in reality, but they give us a way to think more deeply about reality. Like a fine work of art, theory creates its own world: transforms reality into something else—an illusion, perhaps, but an illusion that has more value than literal fact,” wrote Vignale in his book on creativity, imagination, and theoretical physics.

The saga of Narendra Modi’s 2014 election victory has not yet been fully analyzed. One has yet to find sympathetic, academic corroboration of the event, as most contemporary historians dismissed it as a coincidence. Nobody tried to understand the man behind the phenomena.

It took a divine extravagance for an ordinary man from a remote Gujarat village to accomplish what he was doing. As theoretical physics, the most abstract of all sciences, is related to the works of great writers, as Vignale explained, imagination and passion created the scientific journey from the pendulum to relativity and quantum mechanics, an extraordinary, unorthodox heaviness of emotions, an urgent need for self-assertion, Pace and potency resonated across the country with the arrival of Modi across India’s geographic spread. Only Modi imagined that the BJP alone could win a majority, and it happened.

It is the achievements of Narendra Modi’s government that have inspired me. For five years after the 2014 election, the government formed under Modi showed what an ideologically committed, strongly nationalist leadership can do.

We have seen India transform like never before in many areas. The happiness quotient has now become a successful policy in the West, and many governments are experimenting with offering maximum happiness to as many people as possible.

Vajpayee laid the foundation stone, Narendra Modi is building a wonderful building on it that amazes the whole world. During that time, Modi transformed half of India, a population almost twice that of all of Europe, into a better life than before. With electrification, free gas, health insurance, loan programs, free housing, clean toilets, better roads and digital India, he transformed life like never before, reaching governance to the doorstep of every Indian in need. Never before has such a large population been fed from poverty, despair and misery.

“India will drive global growth over the next 30 years,” says the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Swami Vivekananda had prophesied in the early dawn of the last century that India – Bharat Mata – would rise again from its long sleep. Narendra Modi seems to have become the man to make this prophecy come true for the 1.25 billion Indians.

Modi became the man India was waiting for. The man of destiny. That’s the story we need to pick up. How he turned the tide, how the mountains of pessimism, denial and cynicism tried to resist and hold back the great change, how they still try and plan to maintain the status quo, and how his boldness amidst brazen stubbornness the torch of hope kindled and marched ahead, carrying all generations of the population along the plank of ‘Sab ke Saath, Sab ka Vikas’.

Modi moved to strengthen the poor. He made them recognize their share and fight for it. Those who were the underdogs of Indian society are now getting their echo, shaking the self-interested establishment. Modi ushers in a new political opportunity.

And as former President APJAbdul Kalam said, “Give the nation a vision, a nation without a vision will die”. This is a gripping, exciting, inspiring story.

Modi is not a random prime minister. He had to fight hard for every inch to pass the test. He had no pedigree.

When I met him on April 1st, 2012 as Editor of Organizer at his official residence as Prime Minister of Gujarat, he shared his thoughts with me and he was convinced that only he could effect the tectonic shift. He was fully aware of his immense popularity and he knew that India was waiting for him.

Many public figures overcome the tryst with fate, but few make history. Abraham Lincoln reinvented the US Presidency and re-established the Union. Franklin Roosevelt fought the recession and restored America’s position as an economic superpower. Deng Xiaoping redefined Chinese communism and ushered in the era of China’s modern neo-capitalist economic boom. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yet to reach such heights, but he has every chance to make history and establish India as an economic superpower.

After two adventurous economic reforms at great political risk, demonization and GST, Modi proved the naysayers wrong. By introducing the Mudra program of startup and standup incentives, Modi has redefined the job market and made self-employment the number one career option for every proud, aspiring Indian. It’s rare that history offers such a combination of factors to make a leader and portray him as a guardian of hope.

I once asked him what the secret of his success is. His reply was eloquent: “Swayam ko mitane ki kshamta rakhta hu” (I will immolate myself if I decide to do something). Success in everything he tries. That maybe defines the man.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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