Jones Day is hit by a data breach at the provider; Hackers post files that they claim were stolen from the law firm


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Jones Day has been hit by a data breach by the provider; Hackers post files that they claim were stolen from the law firm

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A group of hackers posted files claiming to be from Jones Day after the law firm was hit by a data breach with one of its providers.

Jones Day is the second law firm to admit it was hit by the file transfer provider Accellion hack. Goodwin Procter revealed in an internal memo earlier this month that some customer information may have been accessed in violation of an unnamed vendor, later referred to as Accellion., Law360, Above the law, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg law Have cover.

Former President Donald Trump is one of Jones Day’s clients.

A website linked to a hacker named Clop has posted some documents that are said to be from Jones Day. One is a memo to a judge, which the Wall Street Journal calls a “confidential mediation assignment.” Another is a cover letter for “confidential documents”. Above, the law described the published material as “relatively mundane”.

The Wall Street Journal contacted Clop via blog email. The hacker claimed they had more than 100 gigabytes of data and said Jones Day had been unsuccessfully contacted about ransom negotiations.

Jones Day denied that his own network was hacked, saying the hacking hack was not a ransomware attack. Here is the statement made available to and other publications:

“The Jones Day network was not breached. Jones Day was also not the subject of a ransomware attack. Jones Day was informed that Accellion’s FTA file transfer platform, a platform that Jones Day – like many law firms, corporations, and organizations – used, was recently compromised and information was extracted. Jones Day is continuing to investigate the violation and has been and will continue to be in discussion with affected customers and the relevant authorities. “ previously called all of the law firms listed on the Accellion website to see if others were affected. None confirmed an impact.


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