Indie Game Rogue Legacy 2 Coming April 28, 2022!

Rogue Legacy 2 (Image: PR)

fans of the Rogue legacy game series can look forward to Villain Legacy 2 Official launch on PC and Xbox One, X|S on April 28th, 2022. Cellar Door Games has also released a new animated film alongside the release of Rogue legacy FREE on the Epic Games Store!

For those who may not know, since Early Access launched back in August 2020, Villain Legacy 2 is ready to bring fans a brand new art style, weapons, skills and classes. There is also a new generation of biomes to give players more strategic choices.

According to Cellar Door Games, the goal for Villain Legacy 2 was basically making Rogue Legacy 3 because the team didn’t want to settle for more. The game had to stay true to the original while still standing on its own. The development of the title took almost four years.

As for the game mechanics, Villain Legacy 2 introduced heirlooms to permanently grant new abilities to heroes. There’s also better risk versus reward mechanics and better accessibility.

As the April 28, 2022 debut date approaches, players can now (until the release date) proceed to purchase Villain Legacy 2 on Steam and Epic as an Early Access title. As of this writing, the indie title will cost you $8.49.

And for those who may not be familiar with the series, a copy of Rogue legacy can be claimed for FREE from the Epic Games Store between April 7th and April 14th!

Here’s the trailer!

I loved how the trailer showed how the main character shares a spiritual connection with previous heroes and can learn from their challenges to become better at fighting a powerful enemy.

Key features include:

  • Each adventure is unique: Each time a player enters the kingdom, new monsters, new traps, and new layouts are generated. The key to victory in this fictional world is improvisation, not memorization.
  • Wild new classes: Your gameplay will change drastically based on the class you choose. Rangers can hide on Ivy Canopies and rain down poison arrows on enemies. Dragon Lancers can fly across the sky and attack enemies with tremendous speed. Bards can sing and dance through enemies. There are 15 different classes to choose from. The trailer above provides an idea of ​​the combat style of certain classes.
  • Brand new style: The graphics feature 2.5D styles with 3D characters on hand-drawn backgrounds. I love the cartoonish graphics and how they still connect to the original.
  • Revamped Biome Generation: Each biome is capable of employing different “build strategies” to create completely unique, yet still randomly generated, regions for players.
  • True Metroidvania: If you prove your worth to get them, heirlooms are special items that permanently grant your heroes new abilities and unlock mysteries of the world you find yourself in.
  • Features 2.0: Gold modifiers have been added to entice players to take on new challenges and hopefully win bigger prizes.
  • Relics and resolution: You have the ability to pick up relics, which are unique items that change the way your run is played. You have to be careful though, because the more relics you get, the more your resolve will falter. notice something; All relics are lost when the hero dies.
  • Improved Accessibility: House rules were introduced. You can toggle contact damage, tweak global damage and health, and even fly through difficult platforming sections.
  • A Rich Narrative: The story has expanded from the Rogue legacy days. Beating the game once is not the end. There’s a lot to explore and the ability to build relationships with the characters you meet along the way. New Game+ is an option and you can decide if you want the game to be harder.
  • More of everything: Villain Legacy 2 has more traits, weapons, spells, gear, rooms, stories, secrets…just more of everything!

Do you feel like playing? Villain Legacy 2?

Let us know.

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