Dividend Finance launches new one-way online application to make solar loans easier


Dividend Finance, a point-of-sale lender for solar and home improvement companies, announces the launch of a new technology platform. In addition to a new partner portal for Solar + DIY enthusiasts, Dividend offers its solar companies a range of new products and improvements, including:

  • Dividend Lite – a new single page URL application that makes qualifying and registering a customer faster and easier;
  • New solar loan terms with 25-year APR of 2.99%, 20-year APR of 1.49%, 15-year APR of 1.49% and 10-year APR of 0.99% *;
  • More flexible credit criteria and funding requirements; and
  • Same-day permits and project funding

Dividend’s new partner portal

With solar and home improvement supplies in one portal, Dividend makes it easier than ever for building contractors to deliver a quick and informative sales experience to their customers. Dividend’s new portal features a faster loan application process, the ability for users to update and resubmit documents, automated change orders, and customizable pipeline capabilities to help users better manage projects from start to finish.

“We listened to our network of contractors and wanted to do a major overhaul in Q4 2020 with a diverse range of loan product options, a more flexible point-of-sale experience, improved loan approvals and a streamlined financing process. The residential solar industry will continue to thrive in 2020 despite some major hurdles. We pride ourselves on the fact that so many of our installation partners are working to find creative solutions in this challenging and rapidly changing environment, and we will continue our efforts to provide tools that will help salespeople close more deals and enable business leaders to run more efficiently, ” said Skyler Hopkins, SVP of Solar Sales at Dividend.

Dividend Lite – The Single Page App

In addition to the new partner portal, Dividend has launched a single-page application to offer maximum speed and flexibility at the point of sale. Dividend Lite requires less up-front data entry and enables a customer to switch from prequalification to loan signing with a single click while maintaining the same top-notch consumer protection and data security protocols that the industry has come to expect from Dividend.

Direct payment with CED Ensemble

After almost three years of steady growth, Dividend is starting a new financing structure with the CED Greentech Ensemble program. With Ensemble, installers can access tier payments of up to 50% and eliminate the burden of bookkeeping and credit line management while giving them exclusive access to the Dividend-Ensemble suite of products. The latest iteration of this partnership eliminates the need for prior project review and invoicing and ensures a more precise and streamlined funding process.

Technology integrations

In the months ahead, Dividend will be entering into strategic partnerships with some of the solar industry’s most popular point-of-sale tools in addition to bespoke integrations for installation partners. Whether installers have developed in-house software or are using third-party applications, Dividend can integrate pre-qualification workflow, document signing, and pipeline management for a truly seamless experience for the entire company.

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