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Cell Lysis / Cell Fractionation Market: Overview

For cell lysis or cell fractionation, a number of methods are used in the cell lysis market, which consist primarily of the partial or total dissolution of cell membranes to obtain intercellular materials. Protein, RNA, or DNA are some of the most common materials released as a result of cell lysis. The method is thus useful for industrial operators to perform various bimolecular analyzes, such as the study of specific proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Some of the key application areas enriching the prospects in the cell lysis market are point-of-care diagnostics, molecular diagnostics in disease study, and mRNA transcriptome determination. Cell fractionation methods help researchers determine the composition of certain proteins. Advances in the cell lysis market are thus enriching the research horizon in cancer diagnostics and drug screening worldwide.

The present study of the global Cell Lysis Market provides an in-depth assessment of the key growth dynamics, demand trends, the technological and regulatory landscape influencing current investments, and insights into the pathways that are emerging. The research provides quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis of the forces of demand and supply, and highlights some of the breakthrough strategies in the cell lysis market. In addition, the study provides insights into opportunities in some of the key business areas and in various regional markets.

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Cell Lysis / Cell Fractionation Market: Key Trends

The drive for the cell lysis / cell fractionation market arises from the need to perform biomolecular analysis. There are currently a wide variety of methods on the market that enable end users to perform cell lysis on both the macro and micro scale. Advances in equipment and reagents are fueling market acceptance for cell lysis. The introduction of microfabrication to the microelectronic industry set the tone for the current wave of product innovation in the cell lysis market. Microfluidics has aroused great interest in recent years, as it has incredible potential in cell lysis as well as in single cell analysis.

The growing number of cultured cell processes for commercial diagnostic and research applications is driving the demand for cell lysis. The need to isolate subcellular proteins from cultured cells is an important trend in this regard. The need for pure cellular fractions has led to the development of new protocols that have broadened the market for players in the cell lysis market.

Cell Lysis / Cell Fractionation Market: Competitive Dynamics and Key Developments

Researchers have made significant advances in the biochemical mechanisms of antibiotic action. The physical processes involved in the action are still poorly understood. Therefore, research is ongoing to understand the mechanics and dynamics of cell lysis – especially bacterial cell lysis. The mechanism underlying cell wall-targeting antibiotics is critical to addressing growing concerns about antibiotic resistance over the years. The global prevalence of antibiotic resistance from gram-negative bacteria. The advent of novel microfluidics is likely to set the tone for breakthroughs in the lysis of bacterial species responsible for antibiotic resistance.

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The focus on the extraction of pure cell fractions offers a sustainable boost for single cell lysis techniques, in which microfluidic technology has high potential in the cell lysis market. Some of the key players in the cell lysis market are MFIC, STEMCELL Technologies Inc., Roche Diagnostics, Miltenyi Biotec, Cell Signaling Technology Inc., BioRad Laboratories, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Merck KGaA, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Cell Lysis / Cell Fractionation Market: Regional Assessment

At the regional level, North America is one of the regions in the cell lysis market that has seen a wide variety of activity. Research into the development of novel lysis methods in connection with the introduction of new devices and reagents has increased significantly in the regional market. The Asia-Pacific region is also expected to occupy a significant part of the global cell lysis market by the end of the forecast period. Increasing investments in cancer research in the last few decades are promoting growth potential in emerging and industrialized countries

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