Careers Advice: Questions and Answers


Q1: Dear Mr. Abidi, I need your support in my career. Sir, I’m an MPhil physics student. But until now I cannot develop my interest in this topic. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I was a very good student up until high school, but as I progressed I struggled in the FSc, then the BS and now the MS. I couldn’t get good grades and I couldn’t arouse interest. Please support me in this regard. (Maleeha Shamsi, Islamabad)

Answer: Physics is a very important and interesting subject, especially after thorough research. I’m not sure about your personal and financial status, but you can do a PhD in Germany, which is usually a free education. If nuclear physics bothers you, you can look at various related fields within physics such as optics and acoustics, cosmology, or one of the interdisciplinary fields such as agrophysics. If you have good computer skills, you can go into artificial intelligence and computer math, etc. Hope that helps.

Q2: Dear Sir/Madam, I have recently completed my Bachelors in Physics with CGPA 3.70 in Islamabad. What should i do next? I am applying to all top universities in Pakistan like NUST, LUMS and QAU etc. I got admission in LUMS in MS Physics, should I take it? It’s hard for me to make up my mind and make up my mind. What else can I do? Should I try to apply to some foreign universities but for which program? I am also interested in physics and computers. And I don’t want a career primarily in the teaching profession. I am so confused what to do please guide me. (Ghufran Rashid Kalhoro, Karachi)

Answer: Ghufran, I think the offer of LUMS is great, I would prefer to do a research base masters which you can continue with further research/PhD abroad. The most popular fields in physics are quantum mechanics, particle/molecular physics, quantum computing, and even agrophysics, which borders on agronomy and physics. I wish you all the best for your professional future.

Q3: Dear Mr. Abidi, I would like to know your opinion on the education of my son Syed Muhibb Abbas. His indications are as under FSc with 77% grades (850 grades with biology), Matric 74% grades and IELTS 6.5 band.

Now he is studying at a private university in Islamabad in Pharm-D classes, 1st semester. I would appreciate your help and guidance on the following questions: 1. Which country and university is best for higher education? 2. What course of study does he need for medical or computer science studies and 3. Future scope and required branch abroad.

(Syed Wasay Abbas, Rawalpindi)

Answer: Dear Mr. Waasay, Your son should do his honors degree in pharmacy in Pakistan. For post graduates I will advise you once he graduates as the demand in medical sciences is always changing. The destination country depends on the financial support, so the UK would be a good choice.

Q4: Dear Abidi Sb, I did my Bachelor in Commerce and later CMA inter in Cost and Management Accountant from ICMAP. Now I’m doing level 4, after that there are two levels left for CMA. I thought it would be a good idea to get your expert advice on its scope in the Gulf States. Also let me know what kind of organization/industry would be better suited for my job e.g. B. FMCG, petroleum, textile or power generation etc. I also ask you to accompany me in completing my specialization in Costing, Finance or Taxation. (Mian Mustansar Abdul Mannan, Lahore)

Answer: Dear Mustansar, I have reviewed your academic background and the programs you have in mind for the future. So I suggest that after completing your current CMA, you think about power generation or energy conservation. I advise you on power generation as it is an emerging field and there is a very high demand for financial professionals like you as professionals like you are good at developing business proposals, project feasibility/reports etc.

(Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi is a renowned educator in Pakistan with more than 20 years of experience providing educational guidance services. He has represented Pakistan in over 100 national and international seminars, conferences and forums. He is a recipient of the most coveted civil award Tamgha-e-Imtiaz ).


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