Boise State 2021 Squad Countdown: Day 79, Eric McCalister



It’s less than 80 days until kick-off, folks … a real milestone. With just 79 days to go to UCF, today we’re looking at a new addition to the Bronco family who hasn’t done it yet technically another number has been assigned (and probably won’t be assigned, but what are you going to do) –Eric McAlister

# 79, Eric McAlister, True Freshman, WR

(Photo: Jeremy Clark, 247sports)


Height: 6’4 “

Weight: 190 pounds.

High School: Azle High School, Azle, TX

How did he get into The Blue?TM?

The lanky WR was a priority signing for the Broncos and you can thank Eric Kiesau (not The Beyond, Auburn) for landing on The Blue â„¢. A “high 3-star” consensus recruit, McAlister has also been ranked one of the top 100 recruits in his position at national level by 247Sports and one of the top 100 recruits in TX by the same outlet regardless of his position. As a senior at Azle, McAlister got 70 receptions for almost 1,500 yards and 20 (!) TDs. As a junior, his stats were equally impressive, with 62 grabs for 1,449 yards and 23 TDs en route to the district title. For his efforts, he was elected First-Team-All-District and First-Team-All-State of Class 5A AP. McAlister, also a track and field athlete, scored a PR of 22.71 in the 200 in the spring of 2021. The Broncos resisted offers from service academies in Lamar, Nebraska, San Diego State, Texas State, Utah, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

We usually post their Hudl highlights for the new guys for you to check out, and I’ll do that below, but it’s also valuable to see what TX evaluator Gabe Brooks said about McAlister’s game:

Large external receiver with great height and frame potential. Long and slim with a large catch radius. He scores well and should further sharpen the acumen of the red zone. Bursting out of the line, especially for a large receiver. Quickly gets the upper hand on DBs to force them to hunt in vertical play. Good ball tracking skills and awareness. Great production with huge yards per catch average as a junior. Must fill in the frame to maximize strength. Doesn’t get squeezed often and needs more volume to combat that in college. Can show more fluid sideways to improve route clarity. Powerful five-caliber receiver contender who could become a reliable perennial beginner in college.



You saw the video.



The hair is close … but the game is closer – John Hightower.

Career highlights

Had FIVE touchdown grabs against Crowley in his 2020 senior season at Azle. Elected to the 2nd team of all states as a senior. Elected first team in all districts as a junior at Azle. Elected First-Team 5A All-State.

Prospectus 2021

It wasn’t just luck that I ended up on McAlister’s countdown because that is the Offensive recruiting, which I am most looking forward to in the 2021 recruiting course (and maybe you should be too). I mean, you saw the kid’s highlight movie, right? As they say … if that didn’t light your fire, your wood is wet. McAlister has the size, athleticism, and speed that can be rare in these areas … and something the Broncos haven’t really seen since John Hightower’s departure. The difference … McAlister is already bigger than Hightower AND we got him straight out of high school while JH was a serious diamond in JuCo-Roh. I know we’ve already spoken at length about the depth of the WR space into the 2021 season and like most newbies will likely have to wait for their turn, but if there is going to be a real Frosh with some playtime in 2021 this is the guy. He bullies DBs on the line of scrimmage, battles his way through arm tackles like flies, and shows a formidable breakout in the open field. This kid has all the tools you want in a receiver and should be causing matchup issues on day one. I can’t guarantee we’ll see it in action this season, but honestly, I’d be very surprised if we didn’t – full toolkit recipients aren’t exactly a dozen.

Is he on twitter?

Yeah … and we can’t wait either.

Completely made up fact

Studying film is important in football, but McAlister discovered that conventional studying can be just as important. During this off-season he studies quantum mechanics to better understand the game at the subatomic level.



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