Big Bang Theory fans are scratching their heads over this Howard detail


An academic prodigy, Howard Wolowitz attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology after graduating from high school to pursue his interest in engineering. He eventually received his master’s degree, after which he returned to his home in Pasadena, California. However, how is it, as per Redditor u/Psycholarocco’s question, Howard managed to move across the country for school without his mother trying to hold him back or him due to the stress of being so far away from her be, has not given up? Others in the discussion tried to rationalize this, with several positing that she may have come with him during his college days.

With The Big Bang Theory long over, we probably won’t get a chance to learn about the life situation of Howard and his mother during his college days any time soon. Though when he engaged in the encounters Simon Helberg had while he was a college student, he certainly wished he had his mother around if she weren’t already there. In a 2010 interview with Under the Radar magazine, Helberg shared the story of an awkward encounter with one of his college friends who tried to prank him. “We were walking across the street and he put some snow on my shirt and I just instinctively — caveman instinct — came out and just slapped him in the face,” he said, recalling quickly apologizing and freezing his hand shortly after .

Questions about “The Big Bang Theory” and specifically about Howard Wolowitz will keep us busy for years to come. One day we may get answers to those burning questions — like Howard’s ability to leave his mother behind by moving across the country for school — but it wouldn’t be wise to hold our breath.


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