At Arab Health 2022, United Imaging confirms a partnership agreement with King Hussein Cancer Center, a leading hospital in the Middle East


The conference also marked the signing of a partnership agreement between United Imaging and King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC). Under this agreement, the two organizations will collaborate in applied clinical research, academic exchanges and talent training to advance the field of oncology and molecular imaging and improve healthcare delivery in the region.

DR Al ZhangUnited Imaging Healthcare’s Chairman and CEO said, “We have evolved rapidly in regional markets like that middle East and North Africa since our first rollout there in 2019. Hospitals and industry experts have widely recognized our innovative technologies and products. We are committed to the medical innovation of the future and to constantly improving the accessibility of high-quality medical devices and services worldwide, as well as to creating value in the healthcare chain by working closely with universities, hospitals and research institutes.”

KHCC is one of the most influential and respected cancer centers in the United States middle East and surrounding regions. It is the only dedicated cancer center and a pioneer in adult and pediatric oncology research, the largest bone marrow transplant center in the United States middle Eastand the first JCI-certified cancer center in the developing world.

Meanwhile, United Imaging also assisted Zhongshan Hospital (Fudan University) in signing a joint memorandum with KHCC. In this agreement, the two leading hospitals will undertake a wide range of collaborations in academic research, sharing of best clinical practices, as well as personal exchanges, etc.

dr Jusong Xia, President of International Business at United Imaging Healthcare, emphasized that this collaboration is critical to United Imaging’s continued growth middle East Market. A network of mutually beneficial partnerships with world-class clinical facilities is important to fulfilling United Imaging’s mission of “making equal healthcare available to everyone worldwide,” he added.

expansion in middle Eastaccelerated worldwide

the middle East Region is an integral part of United Imaging’s global footprint. United Imaging set up a regional headquarters in 2019 Dubai, with an experienced local marketing and after-sales team to meet customers’ needs. A growing number of United Imaging devices, including PET/CT, CT, MR and DR, have been installed in leading hospitals and clinical facilities in Germany Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and more. Partners include Wits Donald Gordon Molecular Imaging in South AfricaAl Tahra Radiology Center (TRC), one of Egypt four major radiology centers and the American Hospital Dubai, one of the best private general hospitals in the UAE and ME region.

During Arab Health, United Imaging also strengthened its partnership with Fora SpA, a leading provider of outsourced diagnostic and therapeutic services to hospitals in Italyand Tengri LLC of Kazakhstanto accelerate market development in the West Europe and Central Asia.

To date, over 17,000 United Imaging products are in clinical use in over 8,600 hospitals and research institutions in 44 countries and regions worldwide, including Chinathe USA, the middle East, Europe, Japan, India, South East Asia, Africaand South America. The company has also established extensive collaborations with many world-renowned clinical and scientific research institutions. An outstanding example is the cooperation with Yale University on the development of an advanced neuro-PET/CT for the BRAIN initiative, a major project of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Also working with Washington University in st louis, United Imaging has advanced the speed of MR heart scanning, post-processing and imaging diagnosis based on our 1.5T MR with AI support. Another example comes from McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas for cardiac molecular imaging research based on our PET/CT.

Several “world firsts” debuted at Arab Health

The world’s first whole-body PET/CT, uEXPLORER® is an ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT with a 194 cm PET axial field of view (FOV) that enables the whole body to be scanned in a bed position. The system offers dynamic whole-body scanning, enables extremely low patient dose and produces ultra-high image resolution, changing the way traditional whole-body PET/CT imaging is performed.

The uMR OMEGA™ is the world’s first ultra-wide bore 75cm 3T MR designed to break traditional boundaries without compromising image quality. The unprecedented ultra-wide bore is offered not only to improve patient experience, but also for MRI simulation for radiotherapy planning or intraoperative MRI. Combined with the uAIFI technology platform, it enables fast and accurate investigations.

The uAIFI technology platform focuses on the application of intelligent sensors, advanced chips and artificial intelligence technologies. It also enables the seamless merging of MRI hardware evolution with software design throughout the imaging chain, breaking down traditional data silos and laying a foundation for continuous innovation over time.

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