Amazon announces AWS Center for Quantum Networking


Amazon has announced a new AWS Center for Quantum Networking (CQN). The announcement states that the center’s mission is to address the fundamental scientific and engineering challenges of quantum networks and to develop new hardware, software and applications for quantum networks.

According to Amazon, CQN will complement quantum science and engineering efforts already underway at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab. Amazon recently announced that AWS is joining Q-NEXT, the quantum research center led by the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

Announcing the new lab, Denis Sukachev and Mihir Bhaskar, quantum researchers at the AWS Center for Quantum Networking, said that quantum computing has evolved from delicate laboratory systems accessible to only a few research facilities to increasingly reliable and powerful commercial machines that researchers and developers are using are available , and even to quantum enthusiasts worldwide via cloud services such as Amazon Braket.

However, they said that in order to realize the full potential of quantum devices, they need to be connected to form a quantum network, much like today’s devices are connected via the internet.

What Amazon calls a quantum network is a combination of some technologies already in use for modern optical communications, such as lasers, fibers, and detectors. However, instead of laser beams, quantum networks will use single photons to connect quantum devices together.

That’s not so easy because quantum mechanics forbids amplification of single protons, thus limiting the network range, and it’s not clear how to connect them to current quantum computing devices. This means that special new technologies such as quantum repeaters and converters have to be developed.

According to Amazon, quantum networks have intriguing applications if such problems can be solved, such as using quantum key distribution to protect global communications.


More information

AWS Center for Quantum Computing

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab

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