AI-based drug discovery and development company Syntekabio begins US operations


Syntekabio offers AI drug discovery and development platforms as a cloud service in the US and global pharma markets.

Syntekabio provides innovative AI drug discovery solutions for the global biopharmaceutical industry, including DeepMatcher® via a PaaS cloud service.

Syntekabio Inc (KOSDAQ:226330)

Unlike other competitors in the field of AI drug discovery, Syntekabio’s unique technology will provide customers with an expert knowledge-free drug discovery cloud platform service for their successful drug development.”

— Kilyoung Kim, CSO and President of Syntekabio USA

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 12, 2022 / — Syntekabio, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based drug development company, has officially commenced its US operations with a regional office in New York City, Syntekabio USA. The company is headquartered in South Korea, where it is listed on the national stock exchange (KOSDAQ: 226330). Syntekabio USA will run the business for its drug discovery Cloud service platforms and pipeline drug candidates in US and global markets.

The US-based company is led by Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and President Kilyoung Kim, PhD, who reports to Syntekabio Founder and CEO Jongsun Jung, PhD. dr Kim is responsible for the strategy and operations of US and global business development.

“I am excited to join Syntekabio USA to take the company’s AI-driven drug discovery business to the next level with my extensive experience in the US drug development industry,” said Dr. Kim. “Unlike other competitors in AI drug discovery space, Syntekabio’s unique technology solutions will provide customers with expert knowledge-free drug discovery cloud platform service for their successful drug development.”

Syntekabio has developed a breakthrough technology DeepMatcher®, a proprietary AI drug discovery cloud beta platform that screens more than 1 billion commercially available compounds against over 600 target proteins—both wild and mutant—identified through big data genomic analysis. DeepMatcher® efficiently derives new small molecule drug candidates and optimizes complex three-dimensional drug targets by adopting AI-based best-pose, receptor-ligand binding energy and molecular dynamics simulation.

“We are very excited to bring our powerful supercomputing infrastructure and cloud platform for AI drug discovery to the US market,” said Dr. Jung, CEO of Syntekabio. “We are confident that our advanced technologies will continue to advance to deliver significant value through proven efficacy and contribute to the development of new drug candidates with high success rates in the global marketplace.”

The company’s latest innovations also include a new antigen prediction platform NEO-ARS™, a next-generation genome sequencing platform NGS-ARS™ and a biomarker discovery platform for personalized genomic medicine PGM-ARS™.

Syntekabio is actively pursuing opportunities to expand its pharmaceutical, biotech and investment companies through cloud platform service, joint research projects using its AI platform technology and pipeline out-licensing.

To schedule a meeting or to request information about Syntekabio’s products and services, please visit or contact the New York office at +1 (212) 371-2544 or [email protected]

About Syntekabio

Syntekabio is a global artificial intelligence (AI) and big data drug discovery and development company headquartered in South Korea, operating in the United States since 2009 to bring innovative technology and science to create transformative medicines around the world that impact international markets Standards for healing match diseases and improve people’s lives. Learn more about DeepMatcher®NEO-ARS™, NGS-ARS™ and PGM-ARS™

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