7 things you didn’t know about Agatha Harkness


Agatha Harkness rose to fame with her MCU appearance in the villainous WandaVision miniseries. The character development of Agatha Harkness in the Disney Plus series differed significantly from that shown in the comics, and the program left out important details about the witch’s mysterious past. A lot of people don’t know this, but Agatha Harkness has an amazing backstory.

Agatha Harkness in Wanda Vision

With that said, here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about Agatha Harkness.

1. Found a friend in Ebony

Many witches rely on kin, creatures whose souls have been taken over by evil forces. These companions are often kittens and black cats in particular. In the same vein, Agatha seems to have a black cat named Ebony who is her favorite. Ebony, her familiar, is a strong being from another realm who sometimes takes the form of a cat.

Agatha Harkness and Ebony

Due to their psychic connection, Agatha often tasks Ebony with missions for her. When threatened, Ebony can transform into a giant monster with incredible agility and ferocious fangs. Not only is it very difficult to break, but the only way to destroy it is to spread its molecular components over a large region.

2. Not very friendly to their own kind

Although Agatha Harkness was a witch, she took several precautions to ensure her own safety. In New Salem, where she entered a coven of witches that had existed for generations. Agatha eventually became the group’s intoxicating cocktail, betraying some of her fellow witches to the officers responsible for their deaths.

Agatha Harkness and Coven of Witches

She did this in secret while her real mission was to purge New Salem of its lesser-powered witches. Does darkness lurk in the heart of Agatha Harkness? Certainly not! In the comics, she does both good and evil, existing mostly in the gray region between the two extremes.

3. A soldier of war

Agatha has been alive for quite some time and during her existence she has used her magical abilities to help humanity on several occasions. She, like many others, came to America in search of opportunity and escape from oppression; When the groundbreaking war broke out, she fought for the fledgling land, supporting the Daughters of Liberty and sometimes even teaching them the use of witchcraft.

Agatha Harkness fought in WWII

Also, she ended the Nazi threat known as Hilda Von Hate by joining the Department of the Uncanny and fighting the supernatural side of the Axis powers during World War II.

4. Not a good friend either

Agatha Harkness’ tenure as Franklin’s babysitter with the Fantastic Four ended and she eventually joined the Scarlet Witch team. Agatha took on the role of babysitter for Vision and Scarlet Witch’s newborn babies.

Agatha was a nanny on Fantastic 4

When they were first conceived, both Agatha Harkness and Mephisto were involved. Wanda used her sorcery to make her offspring, and Agatha knows full well that she involved parts of Mephisto’s spirit in the process. The children flew away and Agatha erased their thoughts from Wanda’s memory.

5. She was also a teacher for Wanda

Agatha Harkness, who lost two children, now tries to help Wanda rein in her messy abilities. Both Agatha and the Avengers realized that Scarlet Witch had formidable abilities and needed guidance to learn how to harness her strength.

Agatha in Wanda Vision

Doctor Strange said he volunteered to help Wanda, but she must prioritize her work with the Avengers. The Scarlet Witch managed to bring back Wonder Man thanks to Agatha’s help in making Wanda more powerful. Although she had access to these abilities, she never knew how to use them properly.

6. One of the most powerful witches

Agatha is one of the most impressive magicians in the Marvel Universe. Given that Agatha has lived for centuries, exploring the world and absorbing as much magical knowledge as possible. One should not associate with someone who can convince a being from another realm to serve him by turning into a cat.

Agatha in Wandavision

Through the use of her powers, Agatha has been able to live for what seems like an eternity, reviving herself many times and aiding the Marvel Comics superheroes in their battles if it serves their purposes. Though not the supreme sorceress, her magic is quite powerful.

7. Killed by Scarlet Witch

Agatha hid the twins from Wanda

After building a new planet in House of M and being branded an eternal enemy by the X-Men on M-Day, Wanda truly fell out of favor. When she realized her children were alive and taken from her, she quickly lost the trust of even her superhero friends. In the same arc, Wanda killed Agatha after discovering her involvement in the deception, then turned on the rest of the Avengers.


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