The documents and objects we collect are another way we remember and commemorate Queensland's rich history. The process can help us to learn about our military past and how things have changed over time.


The Queensland Military Memorial Museum works with Queensland’s Military Heritage, to conserve, preserve and restore documents and objects from Queensland’s military history and defence.  We are focused on conserving significant items relevant to all Queenslanders from the Boer War, World War One and World War Two, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and Afghanistan. Our all-encompassing focus allows us to broadly communicate and inform the community about Queensland’s diversity of service involvement and defence over time to the present. We are dedicated to raising awareness, preventing loss of heritage and record, facilitating research, informing the community and providing membership. Our sole mission is to conserve, preserve and restore significant documents and objects of Queensland’s Heritage. 


We want to encourage the comparison of objects from Queensland's defence heritage and military pasts with those from the present, and consider how histories of groups have changed over time.

We want to encourage the understanding of military technologies and how they effect people in their lives, by focusing on how Queensland's defence and military technology has grown from the past to the present.


Assist us in conserving Queensland’s Military Heritage. We want to preserve and restore objects to create Memorial Boxes dedicated to Queesland’s Defence and Military History from the 1800’s to the 21st Century. This will invigorate classroom lessons, inspire anthropological and historical investigation and add value and meaning to education and memorial activities for both children as well as adults. We are wanting to adapt the Memorial Boxes for use as a therapeutic tool in an aged care facilities, as well as to be interactive displays within our community, schools and museum spaces.